Turn ordinary conversations into extraordinary  results

SkylerAI is an operating system that turns potential hidden in everyday conversation into meaningful results for your organization.

Seize the opportunities that others miss by tapping into your audience’s thoughts and needs as they communicate with you.

Then use those insights to trigger the right response, business process, and follow-up – and grow the interaction into a lasting connection.

How Skyler adds
measurable value

out to thousands of people simultaneously

every lead on any channel

with the right answer
every time

natural 1:1 conversations
at scale

what your audience is thinking
and feeling

insights into high value

Achieve your goals with fewer resources than you actually have

1. Engage your audience

Start by creating micro-targeted media campaigns across multiple channels to reach the right people at the right time and generate interest in your product, service, or cause. Put your media budget management and ad optimization on autopilot using smart rules, so you can focus on the message.

2. Build trust through conversation

Once you’ve created demand, connect with individuals at scale through intelligent, natural conversation on the platforms they love to use. As the conversation evolves SkylerAI extracts key insights into audience mood and needs, allowing you to respond with personalized answers and build trust.

3. Drive organizational processes

Mobilize your team to leverage the trust of your audience using Skyler’s built-in project management and communication tools. Assign tasks, handle outgoing and incoming phone conversation, manage volunteers, and generate reports to track and optimize team performance.

4. Deliver results with industry modules

We have worked with industry leaders to develop specialized modules for:

Real estate: Automate the sales process from start to finish. Advertise properties. Reach out to prospects and qualify leads with AI. Book viewing appointments and offer financing where needed. Make the sale and process the transaction.
Learn More

Healthcare: Provide clinical care and support from afar. Follow-up with patients after visits. Track medicine intake to ensure compliance. Allow patients to report symptoms. Monitor their emotional wellbeing and improve quality of life.

Political campaigns. Plan, build and run an entire election campaign. Reach out to constituents. Create fundraising funnels. A/B test messaging. Run polls on key issues. Mobilize volunteers. Ensure compliance. Turn constituents into voters. Learn More

This is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see how you use SkylerAI to achieve your goals.

Built to scale as you grow

Skyler scales as your audience engagement grows and your processes evolve.
No organization is too big or small for our system to work its magic.

With its remote team management and multi-language functionality, Skyler is ideal for remote working setups and international campaign management.

Works the way you do

Skyler is fully customizable to your workflow and organizational goals

Built for global campaigns

Remote management and multi-language functionality makes Skyler ideal for international teams

Enterprise-grade telephony platform

Your agents can make phone calls from home while collaborating on a single platform

No-code, up and running in minutes

Deployed on- or off-premises, Skyler is easy to set up and does not require coding

** User manager, granular access, custom fields, 2 Factor security and more.

Restricted access to safeguard your ops

Decide who has access to information and who can write rules

Process thousands of interactions in seconds

Unstructured data that would take weeks to process manually takes seconds with Skyler

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